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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top Thirty Ways to END ELITISM

by Brad Duncan

In my last post I defined Elitism:
Elitism is when people with more of something look down on those with less of it.
Fortunately, Elitism has a cure.  What are some ways we can stop Elitism at its root source, which is our own hearts?  Here's my top 30.  Feel free to add your own in the comments:

Top Thirty Ways to END ELITISM:
  1. Practice grace
  2. Ban preconceived ideas
  3. Love justice
  4. Walk humbly
  5. Remember the least of these
  6. Care for the left out class
  7. No child of God left behind
  8. Assert your hospitality
  9. Reject rejection
  10. Embrace equality
  11. See with God eyes
  12. Teach learning rather than truth
  13. Harbor humility
  14. Forget grudges
  15. Hate hatred
  16. Appreciate differences
  17. Be LESS offended, and MORE forgiving
  18. Ditch the dogma
  19. Widen your comfort zone
  20. Proclaim hope
  21. Give freedom
  22. Be a peacemaker
  23. Walk in "the other guy"'s shoes
  24. Lead with your heart
  25. Donate comfort
  26. Listen more, talk less
  27. Be the good news
  28. Try generosity
  29. Create compassion
  30. Give up being right

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