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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Freedom vs. Fear

by Brad Duncan

Freedom vs. Fear

Which one wins?

Take a closer look at the Lord's prayer and consider how it both points toward Freedom away from Fear...

  • Our Father in heaven, let your name be kept holy.  Let your kingdom come. Let your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven:
    • The kingdom has come to Earth, so that God’s will can be done here and not just in heaven.  God’s will?  That we love others and love God, in a contagious way that spreads to all the world. 
    • Contagious love is the best way to liberate people from selfishness and from the pain caused by others
    • There is no fear in love.
  • Give us our daily bread today.
    • God will be our provider, rescuing us from physical need and suffering.  Note that this is not absolute, in that praying this prayer does not end human hunger.  What does this mean?  God is working to provide for the needy, and building a kingdom of compassion. We must continue this work.  
    • And God is always working to provide for us. God meets our needs when we depend on him/her. Depending on God liberates us from the cycle of selfish greed, allowing us to make unselfish choices.
    • We convert worry into faith by depending on God
  • Forgive us as we forgive others.
    • God liberates us from the pain caused by the sin of others, especially the darkness in our hearts that comes from a lack of forgiveness.  
    • God liberates us from the pain caused by our own sins.  Forgiveness is spiritual liberation.  We are free to live, in spite of our sin and human tendency toward selfishness.
    • Fear grows out of anger and hate. Forgiving reverses this cycle. Even better: being forgiven and living in freedom!
  • Don’t allow us to be tempted.
    • God liberates us from spiritual failure, helping us to avoid traps and hazards that would lead us to fall into selfishness again.
    • We don't need to fear the world. We need to partner with the Holy Spirit to live! Then we function as a light to the world.
  • Instead, rescue us from the evil one.
    • God liberates us from the deceiver and all his evil intent!  Clearly in this line, God is named specifically as the rescuer.
    • We don't need to fear the deceiver, instead we need to love the truth!

(Matthew 6:9-13, God's Word)

When you hear or pray the Lord's prayer, I pray that you will receive freedom. Freedom from anything that binds you, that holds you back from your true potential. Freedom from the cycle of selfish greed, freedom from need and want. Freedom to live, freedom to enjoy, freedom to give, freedom to explore compassion and unselfishness. May God's will be done in an ever expanding way through your life and the lives of those you will touch. Amen.

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  1. God, the Father and Source of all, is not a person and has no qualities, conditions or attributes but is pure Being. The purpose of the Lord's Prayer is to direct the attention to the seven chakras within where God dwells since we are the temples of God. Therefore this prayer is meant to find the God within us as pure LOVE. This was taught by Jesus to his disciples and through its use they expanded consciousness as is described by John in Revelation through the symbols of seven churches, candlesticks etc.

    1. Blessings on you, Anonymous -- the Three Spotless Mirrors in One will iterate your synthesis from here to futurity and void, and back again.