Grace Emerges

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Giveus Us Free

How do needy people, the people of all the world, receive the compassion of God?  Must they earn this compassion with either faith or works?  

What we see in the gospel is a God who IS by his very being, compassion itself.  

What we see is the example of Christ who demonstrated God’s compassion to the needy.  

"Giveus Us Free" -- Amistad
We see very little from Christ pointing toward requirements.  

Instead we see an image of a liberator, declared in the Old Testament prophets, who came with the keys of freedom.  

“Be Free” he says, and “Follow Me.”  

Receive the compassion of God.  

Imitate the compassion of God by loving him and by loving others.  

Take the keys of freedom to the entire world.


  1. But again, if a person won't follow Jesus---what then? Is there judgement then?

  2. Not so much judgment but a choice to remain behind bars. A person can walk out of the cell but doesn't want to, doesn't realize, doesn't want to pay attention to spiritual things because of a desire to stay in control? Could be these reasons.

    I don't think the liberator imagery in Isaiah goes well with God punishing those that refuse.

    However that doesn't mean God is happy.

    Would you be happy if your kinds would not leave behind an addition, to drugs for example? You would be angry, but not ina way that would be vindictive. God may be like that. Not happy when we mess up, but not raking across the coals for it either. I doubt he's surprised by our failures.