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Friday, April 27, 2012

Did God Die For Himself?

No, he died for us -- the world.

To follow in his footsteps, should we die for God? Should we sacrifice ourselves on the altar to please or appease God?

Or should we sacrifice ourselves for the world? Should we give and give until the world is changed by our generosity?

Some theories of atonement say that God had to die because God required it.

But I say that God died for us, not for himself. It was a message. It was a world-changer. It was the ultimate in sacrificial creativity. It showed us the way. It showed us God's nature. Let's follow him on the road he paved, and care about our humanity the way that he does, enough to die for.
The Road to Freedom
What nailed Jesus on the cross? Injustice. Oppression. Prejudice. Judgment. Hate. Religion.

What did Jesus represent? Human Justice. Freedom. Acceptance. Grace. Compassion. Kindness.

So, Judgment tried to kill Acceptance, and Religion tried to kill Kindness. But Acceptance and Kindness won in the end!

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