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Saturday, August 4, 2012

)open( up !

by Brad Duncan

Why does anyone close themselves off, hide under a bush, retreat under a shell, build a tall fence, or snuff out their flame?  

It's fear.

Jesus did not call us to fear.  The good news is not about fear.  

So, what are we afraid of?  Are we afraid people with differences or even messy sinful lives will corrupt us?  Are we afraid that discussions of different opinions will corrupt our minds and ruin our faith?  Are we afraid that the system we have put our hope in will crumble if we challenge it?  

I want to encourage you, and call you, to a fearless life!  A life of freedom!  Make the world, your world, your piece of life, a better place.  Let your light shine.  Don't hide it!  Come out of your hiding place.  Open yourself up.  Faith shines brightest when fully exposed for the world to see!

Church: what are you afraid of?  )open( up !

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