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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Practice Worship

Practice Worship.

Take a browse through Luke 2 and you will find that shepherds in the field, a priest named Simeon, and a prophet named Anna all worshipped God in very different ways.  But when each came in contact with Jesus they praised God for the amazing things they had seen. They all had hearts that were prepared to hear the good news of great joy, that Messiah had arrived.  They were all open, available, ready.  For all of these individuals, worship had prepared them.  Their hearts were ready. 

Whether your worship is at a kitchen table, in an open field, your living room or in a grand hall, it is practice.  It is practice for hearing God.  It is having a heart that ready.  It is finding the joy in the unseen, peaceful, powerful light that lives inside us all.  It is practicing seeing that light and hearing that voice that rises above our other needs and wants, and the busy scene that captures our external senses.  Worship is just practice.

Throughout the ages, monks, emperors, priests, politicians and kings; peasants, factory workers, farmers and bankers; villagers, college students and scholars; have each found that worship can happen any way possible under the sun.  There is no right tradition, but there is right worship.  As Jesus called it to the woman at the well, worship in spirit and truth is what God seeks.  A spirit of worship and hearing the truth.  It is a state of the heart.  It is the life we lead. 

And when you see the good things that God is doing, you will be, like the shepherds, rejoicing and praising God.

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