Grace Emerges

Friday, December 9, 2016

Listen. Practice.

We need to practice the fine art of listening, if we want any relationship to survive.  It is also the greatest spiritual discipline.

Following means listening.

Wisdom means hearing the truth.

Alert, diligent, paying attention happens when we open our senses.

Compassion means relevant kindness, appropriate to the need.

Loving means a conversation.

Community means dialog.

Our Faith is in our Father who is not silent or dispassionate about us.  Instead he constantly calls out to us, by our individual names, in our moment of context.  Guiding. Loving. Revealing.  Speaking truth. 

Our most important role is to relate and respond to what is revealed in these quiet moments.  Most often God, truth, learning, is revealed in the words of other people.  We all have so much to learn from each other.

God is calling.  We must continually practice listening or we will miss it.

Dear Father, today I ask for open ears and alert eyes.  I pray that by paying attention I will learn and grow, and when the time comes to succeed or fail at loving today, that my senses will have prepared me to succeed.  Amen.

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