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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Comments on President Obama's Speech

What an amazing speech. He said what I've been feeling. That what makes America exemplary is our principles. He started with how our founding fathers took the bold step of creating a self-governing society based on principles such as equality and opportunity. He talked about how that was never easy, because we all have different ideas on how to accomplish it. But we are all citizens. It is our country, and our role and responsibility to lead it. He talked about progress, and how we still have so much work to do in areas like racial prejudice.
I especially liked how he described 4 challenges or threats to our democracy, and put the responsibility on us citizens to defend democracy against fear, corruption, and erosion of our ideals.
What a great man. I hope we can continue to follow him as a fellow citizen and leader in the days to come.

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