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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Let Go of Elitism

Here's a poetic reminder that elitism is wrong, and against the teachings of Jesus. 

*by Brad Duncan*

Let go of elitism
Let it go
Let go of both grudges and privileges
Let go of the status quo, and stop adamantly defending it
Let go of the comfortable social environment and social standing
Let go of defending God against humanity
Let go of divisions over who is In and who is Out
Let go of being separate from the world. We're not any better than anyone else.

Let it go

Let go of prejudices. Admit we can be wrong
Let go of discrimination
Let go of marginalization of women
Let go of fear of the unknown

Let it go

Let go of goods made by slaves in foreign lands. Refuse to buy them.
Let go of some of our wealth, to bring a future for others
Let go of all the best stuff for ourselves
Let go of permanent poverty, perpetual hunger, and unequipped medical care

Let it go

Let God's will and passion thrive without standing in the way
Let God's kingdom come
Let our kingdoms give way
Let elitism fade. Let grace grow

Let it go

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