Grace Emerges

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Worship

By Brad Duncan, March 24, 2014

Why oh Lord would you care about flattery,
That I should sing endlessly of your greatness?

Why oh Lord would you be honored by my shame,
That I should sing of my wretched state?

Where is the glory in repetition?
By saying it again I can evoke the needed tears?
Why are fear and shame the currency of faith?

No Lord, you do not take pleasure in my misery.
You are not inspired by the gulf between us

No, you have been there, with us in every way
Your heart beats on only one thought: your children.
How will my heart respond?

To live with gratitude,
To recognize my Father's face,
To embrace opportunity for great love,
To proclaim the freedom somehow imagined by Grace

This is my worship


  1. i believe there are at least two elements of worship, First is to worship God, which for me, means to love and forgive all people at all times. Even the OT which can be brutal, says in essence ... how can i please God? with 1000 offerings? what does God require but to love mercy and walk justly.... Seccond, i think we worship God by describing God's love and forgiveness to others who have not recognized God's greatness. then we sing within the earshot of our friends and neighbors that God is love. God knows that but they don't. Louis Duncan

  2. thanks Louis! just asking "why do we worship" can be a contructive and healthy thing. we can certainly worship for the purpose of teaching others, but we should state that thats why we are doing it. dont know if i've ever heard that as the motivation in a worship service.