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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hospitality vs. Hostility

by Brad Duncan

Can Christians take a stance of hospitality rather than hostility toward other religions? What are the implications? Can we still hold on to our faith and identity and at the same time lovingly accept the others?

Yes, I'm reading McClaren's new book. So far it's making me think. 

So far, I think Christianity and a desire to help God bless the world (bring good news and good things to the world), is totally incompatible with condemning people of other faiths, other brands of Christianity (as we are so prone to do), non-religious people and atheists. And we can do that without watering down our Christian identity, by believing in Jesus and his teachings rather than the tradition of hostility toward our neighbors.

I'm reminded of all the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist neighbors I had in graduate school. Lots of traditions from all over the world that I didn't understand, but people were still just people. God bless you all!

I'll keep you posted ...

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