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Monday, September 17, 2012

END ELITISM: Honesty. Honestly

Ok here's the last one (maybe) on ending elitism in order to be a more )open( church:

What's the cure for elitism?  Maybe it's honesty.

Are we honestly better?  Are we honestly more righteous, more spiritual?  Are we more virtuous due to the company we keep?  Do we honestly encourage each other toward doing good?  Do we honestly express ourselves?  Do we honestly listen?

Is it working?  Honestly?

It's like the old joke: "I'm not lying, ..., most of the time."

I'm not saying we should be perfect.  I'm saying that honestly, we're not, and that kindof levels the playing field.

Can we build a fully inclusive community of people listening to God, and participating in God's work, being the very kingdom that was declared by Jesus to have arrived?  Can we form this community out of human stuff, a big dose humility and an extra dose of honesty?  Perfection not required - not ever even in the ballpark.  

God made us this way - God must like us !  Honestly.

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