Grace Emerges

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Perspective-Driven Life: Breath of Fresh Air

by Brad Duncan

I've been looking for an alternative to the Purpose-Driven Life and Performance-Driven Life as a description of the Christian lifestyle.  I call it the Perspective-Driven Life.  Here's a short exercise in contrasting the old and the new:

The Purpose-Driven Life is a:

  • Performance-Driven Life
  • Pressure-Driven Life
  • Praise-Driven Life
  • Pleasing-Driven Life
  • Prescription-Driven Life
  • Pride-Driven Life
  • Power-Driven Life
The Perspective-Driven Life, by contrast is a:
  • Progress-Driven Life
  • Passion-Driven Life
  • Priority-Driven Life
  • People-Driven Life
  • Peace-Driven Life
  • Present-Driven Life
  • Partnership-Driven Life
Why call it "Perspective-Driven"?  If we open our eyes to see the world the way that God does, and conversely to see God as Jesus demonstrated and revealed God's nature, then we are driven to lives of peace, caring about others, and living in the present.  

Whereas the old modern definition of Christianity is a call to a high level of achievement in our relationship with God, the new progressive definition of Christianity is a call to a high level of awareness of the present and of the needs of other people, more as a partnership with God than as a fulfillment of a prescribed purpose.  

As God is passionate and creative in dealings with humanity, so we should also be, always searching for ways to bring God's goodness, peace and grace into reality in the present world we live in.  Understood this way, righteousness is not sinlessness or achievement of good behavior or good favor with our God, instead righteousness is an authentic, real, relationship of integrity with our creator.  It is our perspective that comes from spiritual awareness that helps us overcome our selfish nature and vanquish evil and darkness in the world.

With this mindset, being a Christian is progress!  It's a breath of fresh air!  It's good news for the world and for the church alike.