Grace Emerges

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three Concepts that Changed the World

by Brad Duncan

GOSPEL: there is good news, brought by God, through deliberate and immediate intervention with the course of human events.  The good news is complete, and completely good.

GRACE: there is acceptance, by God, of us.  We are God's masterpiece, individually and as the whole of humanity, and we are God's children in relationship with God.

FREEDOM:  there is liberation, by God, from judgment, fear, hate and sin, leading to hope, faith and transformation.  We are transformed into beings defined by love, compassion, equality, kindness and justice.

This gospel of grace and freedom is the answer to a hurting world.  It does not depend on an idealistic view that humanity has to be perfect, or that the world should be perfect.  What is "Good News" if not in contrast to the bad news we see around us.  What is "Grace" if not in contrast to our need for it.  What is "Freedom" if not liberation from those that would enslave us.  No, the gospel is our hope, most poignant when we need it the most.

Three concepts that changed the world: GOSPEL, GRACE, FREEDOM.  They work together to create the perfect hope for humanity.

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