Grace Emerges

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Being Positive Is ...

by Brad Duncan

Being positive is ...

having faith in God's love for me
and having faith in other people, seeing the best in them

expecting good things
but knowing that if hard things happen I have a foundation that will withstand the storms

having good news for the world, the poor and needy, the sad, the hungry, the sick, the oppressed -- God is on their side and so am I
having good news for the hated, judged, and rejected -- God accepts them and so do I

offering people freedom to be themselves, not trying to fix them or judge them more harshly than I judge myself
going against religious and cultural traditions that label people as inferior

valuing kindness above success
treating people the way that God treats them, letting my faith show itself consistently in my attitude toward others

being generous, gracious and compassionate
offering kindness to those that cannot repay it, and to those that might insult or attack me, even to those that call themselves my enemy

aligning myself with the Messiah and the kingdom of God
making my heart ready to see it

a natural consequence of seeing the world the way that God does!

from Jesus, Luke Chapter 6

hopeful optimism
positive wisdom 
generous graciousness
compassionate gospel
kind faith
divine perspective
freedom       acceptance       peace