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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finding God in ‘The Matrix’

I love the ‘Matrix’ movies, and the idea that we humans live in an imagined world, a deception, while the real world is something very different. 

I think the atheist’s view of God is like this – they probably think that believers in God are living in an imagined world, while the real world has no God.  Truth is the tangible world with no God.  Christmas, Easter, funerals -- these are the deception!

I think Christians often view something similar – we belong to a spiritual kingdom, and that is the reality.  The physical transient world we live in is deceptive and sinful.  The people in it are walking blindly and blissfully toward their eventual doom.  Truth is God and a kingdom in heaven some day.

What if they’re both wrong?  What if the ‘Matrix’ is when we tell ourselves we are always right -- we have a unique hold on the truth including who is good and who is bad?  What if the 'Matrix' is our own kingdom instead of God's, where we rule and judge and perpetuate our own interests, but do so in the name of God?  

What if the truth is God's kingdom, not ours.  A place of peace and life, where his people join forces with the people of the world to fight the true enemies like injustice, pain, irresponsibility and the harm we cause each other (also known as sin).  As in the Lord’s prayer, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. ”

In ‘The Matrix’ the war ends and peace comes, when the two sides realize they need each other and can peacefully co-exist, fighting common enemies.  Can the Earth and God co-exist peacefully in the end?  Can the church of collective God-believers be a breath of fresh air in the world that brings light and good things, making the world a better place as desired by God?

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